About Us

Jin Jia Nursing Home (Nursing Home in Penang) is situated in a bright, spacious and specifically adapted house located in a quiet residential street in the Tanjung Tokong area. We offer long term, short term and daily care to the elderly in friendly, relaxed and clean surroundings.

JJ Care is supervised by a team of Professionally Qualified Nurses and assistance can be given to the elderly when eating, walking and bathing. Your loved one can enjoy a comfortable, safe home-like environment with daily In-house entertainment such as light group exercise, card games, board games and Astro television, nutritious home cooked meals and a choice of air-conditioned or fan rooms.

We also specialize in wound management and can provide post-hospital recuperation. We provide in-house physiotherapy services for any residents who need it. We pride ourselves not only on quality nursing but provide good, tasty, and nutritious food by our in-house cook. We also believe that mental stimulation and physical exercise are important for their wellbeing and provide this on a daily basis.

Please give our team a call on 016-3021307 to make an appointment to visit Jin Jia Homes and see how we can help your loved one.


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Types of Services

Long Term Stay

This allows all residents secure and comfortable living in a professionally managed setting for an extended period of time. Our aim is to make their experience as near to their own home setting as possible.

Short Term Stay / Respite Care

Respite Care is short-term care, so that a carer can have a break or if a carer is unavailable for a short while.

At Jin Jia Nursing Home, we believe that no matter how the disease affects an individual, residents will be treat with dignity and respect. We understand that certain abilities will be lost, but our staff feelings remain with them and we are available to offer them care and companionship.

In many cases, care may only be needed temporarily. For example, if you need some time off, your loved one may go into a residential or nursing home for few weeks to few months.

We provide round-the-clock care in a safe and comfortable environment. Some clients often convert from being a short-term respite client into being a permanent long-term resident if their experience is pleasant and if funding is available.

You might want to consider short stay care for your loved one if:

• you are planning a holiday

• you need additional support – perhaps after feeling unwell

• your loved one needs help to recover from an illness or operation

• you are considering moving your loved one into a care permanently and they’d like a trial visit

• the person you’re caring for may feel lonely and could benefit from some time in a care home

Day Care

Family members can drop off resident in the morning after 7.30am and pick them up before 7pm. Breakfast, lunch, teatime snack and dinner will be serves to your loved one.

Our day care provides our residents the opportunity to socialise with friends, while their family carers have the confidence of knowing their loved ones are safe and cared for.

In our nursing care homes, we provide regular care as follows:

• 24 hours nursing care by registered nurses.

• Well presented, comfortable accommodation.

• Freshly-prepared, nutritionally balanced meals.

• Laundry service

• Assistance in activities of daily living if needed.

• Activities: interactions among residents, board/ card games, TV, mahjong and light group exercise.

• You can choose either day care with or without bed.

~Our Services~

Rehabilitation Care/ Postoperative Care

This assists individuals through convalescence and recovery after surgery or serious illnesses until they stabilize enough to go home.

Jin Jia’s staff nurse are able to monitor the recovery progress of residents and help them to regain their health. The length of stay can vary from 2 to 6 weeks, which depends on the individual’s health status. Diet and rest are given the utmost attention to try and accelerate the healing process and when ready improve mobility for independence.

JJ Palliative Care

We provide comfort and dedicated care to patients from the time of cancer diagnosis and throughout the treatment course, focusing on relief from the symptoms and stress of a life-threatening illness. We aim to improve quality of life for both the patient and the family.

Types of Conditions that We Cater for Include:

• Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

• Parkinson Disease

• Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

• Rheumatoid Arthritis

• Cancer Sufferers

Customer Reviews

Some review left by our customers:

“I would like to add that my mother’s stay at Jin Jia Homes has been very comfortable and welcoming from the start. The nurses, under the leadership of the Nurse Manager, have been very professional, helpful, and caring. Many thanks to them for attending to us during the tenure of my mother’s stay – never failing to answer our after-hours calls. We would also like to accord our thanks to the helper, lady chef, and management team.” ...by Janie Chung


Short term and Long term elderly care services
Located in Tanjung Bungah
24 hours Registered Nurse
24 hours in house supervision
Low density clean and comfortable environment
5 meals a day
CCTV system
Nurse Call Button
Linen provided
Free laundry service
Free toiletries
Free Wi-Fi